5) Project Team Relationships and End User Engagement

ESDS International


In order to foster relationships, facilitate knowledge sharing, and build experience using the SDMX-RDF model, the Publishing Statistical Data working group and SDMX Users Forum will be updated with the progress and outcomes of the project and encouraged to give feedback.

Contributions will be made to the following events to promote awareness and encourage contributions:

–      SDMX biennial conference (May 2011)

–      ESDS International Annual Conference (Nov 2011)

–      IASSIST (June 2011)

–      RCUK ICT and e-Knowledge For the Developing World Workshop (Summer 2011)

Plus any other relevant events that we become aware of.



The Landmap Team will have a nominated person who will be undertaking the work and the creation of most of the output for this project. However, this will be done (as with all Landmap projects) through tight collaboration with the rest of the Landmap team.

Community Engagement: The team has already started attending Linked Data workshops and seminars such as:

–      Dev8d / Developer Focus, 15-17 Feb 2011

–      Workshop On Linked Spatiotemporal Data 2010 In conjunction with the 6th International Conference on Geographic Information Science (GIScience 2010) Zurich, 14 Sep. 2010

–      Linked Data: The Future of Knowledge Organization on the Web http://www.iskouk.org/events/linked_data_sep2010.htm

Future events:

–      GISRUK Linked Data workshop (26th April 2011)

–      Semantic Technologies For A More Powerful Web, New Technology Institute, Birmingham City University, 7th March 2011 (A Netskills course) http://www.netskills.ac.uk/content/products/workshops/event/nti-mar11-rdf-r1/index.html

–      New events as they come along

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2 Responses to 5) Project Team Relationships and End User Engagement

  1. But who are the people on the team, who is doing the work. The name of people please? 🙂

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