6) Projected Timeline, Workplan & Overall Project Methodology

WP 1 – Project Management and Co-ordination (Months 1-4)

All project documentation will be posted to, or linked from the Project Blog, Mimas LD:


WP 2 – Engagement & Training (Months 1-4)

Participate in Linked Data workshops and seminars, internally at Mimas and externally throughout the project lifetime, to up skill and build capacity.

WP E1 – Create WDI Linked Data

Apply SDMX-RDF model to World Bank World Development Indicators.

Early work will focus on the analysis of data and mapping to the model. Specifications will then be produced for development

WP L1 – Create Landmap Linked Data (Months 1-4)

Create Linked Spatial Metadata for a subset of Landmap datasets:

–      Building Heights

–      Building Classes

–      Thermal Imagery

These data are one of the smallest in number but are of great interest for a vast variety of Users. These data link very well with Socio-economic data and other data sets from Edina.

Month 1 will be spent understanding Linked Data requirements, investigating and deciding upon on Vocabularies and Linkages in collaboration with the wider community.

Month 2&3: Create Linked Spatial Metadata and define Vocabularies as and if required.

Month 4: User testing.

WP L2 – Scoping Study (Month 4)

Use the experience of WPL1 to undertake a Scoping Study to assess the effort and best strategies required to link all Landmap Spatial Metadata as they are extensive.

WP L3 – Build Landmap capacity (Months 2-4)

Build capacity within the Landmap team and investigate ways to expose additional Linked Data.

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