7) Budget

Annex E        
Directly commissioned or directly proposed project budget template for HEI based JISC SPs or ‘sub services’
Name of Service Provider:      
Name of Project:    Mimas Linked Data Project A  
Name of Activity        
Starts:     01/04/2011    
Ends:     31/07/2011    
Directly Incurred Staff[1]    
Name: Post: % FTE    
Co-ordinator, Grade 8, 18% £4,552  
Landmap, Grade 6, 100% £17,521  
ESDS International, Grade 6, 31% £4,981  
ESDS International#2, Grade 6, 39% £5,463  
Total Directly Incurred Staff (A) £32,517  
Directly Incurred Non-Staff    
Travel & Subsistence £2,800  
Equipment £0  
Dissemination £0  
Evaluation £0  
Consultancy £0  
Other  £0  
Other  £0  
Other  £0  
Total Directly Incurred Non-Staff (B) £2,800  
Total Directly Incurred Costs (C) £35,317  
Directly Allocated (if applicable)    
Staff £0  
Other £0  
Total Directly Allocated (D) £0  
Total Direct Costs (E) £35,317  
TRAC Derived Estates Costs (F) £5,028  
TRAC Derived Indirect Costs (G) £24,159  
Total Indirect and Estates Costs (H) £29,187  
Requested JISC contribution to Indirect and Estates costs (I)  £8,829  
(only if applicable. (I) = the lower of (H) or 25% of (E))    
Total Requested From JISC = (E)+(I) £44,146  
  No. FTEs used to calculate indirect and estates charges  1.88      
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