Publishing Statistical Data As Linked Data

The E1 work package of the Mimasld project will be looking at publishing Mimas’ statistical datasets as Linked Data. This work will build upon that done by the Publishing Statistical Data working group.
The working group was established at a 2 day workshop held in February 2010 at the National School of Government.  Led by Simon Field, Chief Technology Officer at the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS), the group brought together expertise from government, academia, community groups and IGOs to discuss the challenges around exposing statistical data as Linked Data.  Mimas was represented by staff from ESDS International and the Census Dissemination Unit (CDU).
The workshop was very successful, with broad consensus reached on the issues discussed and the creation of a proposal for mapping the de-facto standard for aggregate statistical dissemination, SDMX, to Linked Data.  Mimas will be applying these outputs to one of ESDS International’s most popular datasets, The World Bank World Development Indicators.
We hope to apply the lessons learned from this project to other Mimas statistical services in future, such as the CDU.  At present the CDU, at the request of the ONS, is working to create global structures (codelists, etc) needed to define a multidimensional version of the 2011 census aggregate outputs.  CDU will also be exploring RDF descriptions of this dataset to enable comparability work, e.g. using OWL or other technologies.
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