SDMX Global Conference 2011

The third SDMX Global Conference took place in Washington DC this month, I (Paul Murphy) was there representing Mimas. The conference brought together around 280 delegates, from 90 countries to discuss all aspects of Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange.  The World Bank and IMF did a fantastic job of hosting the discussions. With SDMX now in its 10 year there was a clear shift in the focus of this conference from developing the initiative, towards implementing a now mature standard and showcasing SDMX tools.  There are some really interesting tools being developed to take advantage of SDMX, particularly in the area of visualisation; The ESDS International team are currently looking at how we can bring some of these to our users.  I was particularly happy to see Mimas’s work with SDMX get a mention during the OECD’s talk on the business case for SDMX.

I’d hoped the keynote on Gov 2.0 might have seen a mention of Linked Data, unforunately it didn’t. Indeed, there was very little talk of Linked Data at the conference at all, and in my chats with the various delegates there seemed to be little knowledge of it amongst SDMX practitioners.  It seems that, despite the work of EuroStat and the Publishing Statistical Data Working Group, there is still a lot to be done in raising awareness and interest of linked aggregate statistical data.

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3 Responses to SDMX Global Conference 2011

  1. mimasld says:

    Sounds like a genuine opportunigty to help lead in this area!

  2. podolux says:

    Have you seen the Eurostat’s website about SDMX? There are tutorials and videos presented. I recommend it if you are looking for that kind of information.

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