Final Product Post (ESDS) – Reusable Components

In this final blog post for the ESDS work package of the MimasLD project we have detailed the most reusable parts of the project.

World Development Indicators as Linked Data

Our first output, as detailed in this blog post, is the World Bank World Development Indicators in RDF format.

We know the World Development Indicators to be the most important and authoritative source of data on international development, it is especially valued by economists, social scientists, charities, and business.  We hope that by exposing the dataset as Linked Data it will become even more useful to these groups.  As the dataset only became openly available last year we hope this demonstrates to other data producers the value that can be added to datasets by the wider data community once they are made open.

We are in the process of creating a tutorial on linking out data from the WDI dataset and this will be available here in the next few weeks.

The SDMX to RDF Process

We have produced an in-depth blog post detailing exactly how we achieved the SDMX to RDF conversion, as part of this post we have shared the XSLT we have created to do our transformations.  The purpose of this is to help others who are considering exposing SDMX as Linked Data.  We anticipate those who are likely to find this most useful are the intergovernmental organisations that produce aggregate statistical datasets.

Much of this process will also be used in the dissemination of census aggregate statistics.  Work on this area is continuing as part of the CAIRD project and updates are being posted to the Census Dissemination Unit blog.

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