Final Product Post (ESDS) – DOAP

Unique Project Tag mimasld
Full name of project Mimas Linked Data (ESDS)
Short project description Mimas aims to increase expertise gained in dealing with Linked Data, fully engage with other initiatives in this area and to make data from production services available.
Long Project Description. The publishing statistical data working group was establishing following a collaborative workshop hosted by the ONS in February 2010.  It has drafted a model that allows SDMX, the established standard for aggregate statistical data and metadata, to be mapped to RDF.  We propose applying this model to the World Bank World Development Indicators (WDI), a popular dataset which has recently been made openly available, enabling it to be exposed as Linked Data.Applying the SDMX-RDF Model in Practice

The WDI are an authoritative and comprehensive time series dataset, which, whilst relatively compact in size, is very popular with ESDS users.  It is comprised of over 700 development indicators, including social, economic, financial, natural resources, and environmental indicators. Data run from 1960 onwards, and cover most countries in the world.  Having recently been made openly available, published in SDMX, and simple in structure, the WDI is an ideal case for us to test the SDMX-RDF model in practice.

Contributing to the Linked Open Data Cloud

Whilst some aggregate statistical resources are already available as Linked Data (e.g. Eurostat), there is a gap in the area of international development statistics, the World Bank is the foremost authority on this type of data, exposing the WDI as Linked Data will fill this gap.

Demonstrating the Value of Open Data

By demonstrating what can be done with open statistical data resources the project could provide momentum to the open data movement, in particular to the calls for other IGOs, such as the IMF and OECD, to open access to their highly valuable data stores.  This has particular benefits to researchers outside the UK (including those in the developing world) who don’t have access to data though services such as ESDS.

Please list the primary products that will be delivered from this project that other Higher Education Institutions will want to reuse? Linked Data version of the World Bank World Development Indicators Dataset
Secondary Tangible Product
JISC Website Keywords Open Technology, Standards
Name of lead institution? The University of Manchester
Department where project is primarily located Mimas
Postcode where the project team is primarily based? M13 9PL
Name of person(s) responsible for JISC project documentation and reporting? Ross MacIntyre
Email of person responsible for project documentation and reporting?
Phone / Skype for Person responsible for project documentation +441612757181 / skype: ross.macintyre
Names and roles of all people working on the project team? Mimasld Principal Co-ordinator: Ross MacIntye
ESDS Co-ordination: Paul Murphy and Jackie Carter
Names and roles of any and all project partners (commercial, consultants or other HEIs) who will be doing *paid* work for the project. None
Emails of all the team members, consultants, partners and any other person who will be working on or with the project regardless of costed participatory status (please include all emails of the people listed above).,,
Number of “named” end users who will be testing or using your software outputs? Not identified at this stage
URL link to an image of all project team members.
Project gmail account for access to this form,
Project blog URI?
RSS2 or ATOM feed for project blog?
URL of the code repository for versioned source code produced by project, e.g. GoogleCode, GitHub, Sourceforge, etc.
URL for where your step-by-step instructional documentation will be drafted.
OSS license you will you be using for the code generated from project?  GPL
What is the phone number, skype handle, twitter and/or a picture on the Web of your JISC programme manager? +44 (0) 7891 50 1194, Skype – david.flanders, TwitterImage
Have you installed an Analytics Engine (Google Analytics or Piwik) on your project blog, code repository and any other project web presence?  Google Analytics
Please provide the initials of the person who filled out this form along with your thoughts about how this form could have been better? RM, PM
Number of “named” end users whom you have already contacted and gotten their agreement to participate in testing the outputs of the project? 0
Creative Commons Licence used for project presentations and documentation? All written or audio-visual material made during Mimas’ Linked Data project will be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.
Creative Commons Licence used for project content? World Bank terms and conditions have to be used for the WDI content.  CC used for all other content.
Project Start Date 1-Apr-2011
Project End Date 31-Jul-11
What is the total amount of money awarded to the project in your Grant Letter? £44146
Name of Institutional Budget Manager Neil Chetham E: | T: 0161 275 0171
Link to ‘Final Product / Prototype’ Post
PIMS URL for Project
Link to Final Approved Published Budget
Completion of the Final Sign-off Survey & Completion Form
Programme Manager Notebook Page on the Project
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