This blog is about the activities going on in the Mimas Linked Data project, based at Mimas, University of Manchester, which is one of the JISC projects currently taking place in the #jiscEXPO programme.

“jiscEXPO” represents two things: (1) the “Joint Information Systems Committee” (JISC) which is the funding organisation behind this set of projects, and (2) “EXPOsing” of content as linked data.

Project Team


Dr. Kamie Kitmitto is responsible for the day-to-day running and management of the Landmap Service and has worked for Mimas based at University of Manchester for 20 years. Key responsibilities include: strategic approach of the service; knowledge gathering at outreach activities;negotiation of data licensing agreements and the purchase of datasets. He is also the Principal Investigator of European Space Agency (ESA) Category 1 Project ‘Monitoring the UK with ASAR &MERIS.

Landmap Manager

Dr. Kamie Kitmitto

Contact Kamie

Gail Millin-Chalabi – Geodata Research & Development Officer
Gail has been working for Landmap since 2005 developing: data clients using both open source and proprietary software; data management; implementing Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards; metadata and coordinating the development of e-learning content. Previous projects include the JISC funded Interoperability Project, Grid Enabling Mimas II Project and GeoKnowledge Project. Gail uses the ERDAS APOLLO Data Manager for configuring and delivering satellite, airborne and feature data hosted at Mimas through Landmap Kaia.

Gail Millin-Chalabi

Contact Gail

Bharti Gupta is a multiple-award winner software developer and joined Mimas in 2008. She became a part of Landmap team in 2010, to assist with the APOLLO/Landmap Kaia developments. She established a lightweight Scrum project management process and developed robust enterprise level application components in Java, J2EE using MVC 2 framework, here in Mimas as well as in previous commercial organizations. Her role has been in the customising, configuring and testing of the enterprise Java application ERDAS APOLLO/ Landmap Kaia. Bharti has a keen interest on how Open Data can be used within the Landmap Service architecture and introduced and became involved in the Linked Data project to make the Landmap geo-spatial metadata available.

Software Engineer at Landmap

Bharti Gupta

Contact Bharti

Yin Tun – Geo-Metadata Officer
Yin Tun is currently working on the JISC funded Metadata Enhancements Project. Her role is to convert FGDC standard metadata to the ISO standard and to further enhance the metadata by liasing with data providers.

Yin Tun

Contact Yin

ESDS (Economic and Social Data Service)

Jackie Carter

Paul Murphy

Will Standring

Rob Diamond-Green

Yogesh Patel


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  1. Cathrine says:

    Thanks a ton for taking a few minutes to line this all out for people. This write-up ended up being quite helpful if you ask me.

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